Health & Safety

Health and safety is of vital importance to us we make it our priority to ensure that everybody is safe when onsite within our Nursery. For more information on Health and Safety please see the Policies section of our website

Risk Assessments

All areas of our Nursery have in depth risk assessments that are reviewed every 12 months and updated accordingly. When caring for children we understand that accidents will occur, however we set up childcare areas to be as safe as possible and try to minimalize risks. We have introduced soft flooring in the back garden which has really helped reduce the amount of accidents in the garden. We are constantly reviewing and changing our setting, resources and practice in order to reduce the amount and impact of any risks.The kitchen area is manned the majority of the day and when it’s not we ensure that the door is closed. All substances used within the setting (cleaning products etc.) are kept out of the way up high or in locked cupboards.


We have asked all of our parents and carers to ensure that the main entrance door to Nursery shuts behind them when they leave. Wherever possible a member of staff will escort you to the front door when you leave. Parents and carers have also been asked to ensure that under no circumstances should they let anyone in at the front door, even if the person is known to them. All visitors must ring the buzzer and a member of staff will answer the door. This is for the safety of the children and staff.


If your child becomes ill whilst at Nursery we will contact you.

First Aid

Our staff are Paediatric First Aid trained which ensures they can deal with children’s accidents promptly; giving them the confidence and knowledge of dealing with accidents and incidents should they occur. It is compulsory to have just one qualified member of staff on premises at all times however we felt very strongly that first aid training was extremely important for both our staff and the children. If your child is involved in an accident whilst at childcare setting you will be notified and an incident form will be completed and discussed with you when you collect your child.

Safe Play

Children are taught as they get older how to risk asses themselves, this is done through risky play where we talk about taking steps to minimalize chances of injury.

DBS Checks

Staff are all DBS checked which ensures that they are suitable to work with children, staff sign up to the update service which keeps these checks current so we as employers can see if the staff members situation changes.


We update our safeguarding policy regularly in keeping with any new legislation changes. It is our responsibility to create a culture and ethos within our setting that demonstrates a commitment to keeping children safe. To this end we must act upon and concerns that we may have and refer this to outside agencies where and when needed.


Cleanliness and hygiene are a high priority at Little Diamonds Child care and our setting and facilities are cleaned regularly. We also promote good hygiene with the children e.g. hand washing before meals, after using the toilet, cleaning teeth etc

Healthy Habits

We try and encourage healthy habits and promote a healthy lifestyle at Little Diamonds child care. We try and get outside in the fresh air each day and we enjoy physical activities and exercise. We also try and include healthy choices for meals and snack time. Eating well, exercise, healthy lifestyles and looking after ourselves and others are topics we often explore and discuss with the children at Nursery

We are open for business, but PLEASE READ and FOLLOW - UK GOVT. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines

A message regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Little Diamonds Child Care, Coventry, UK
We have been monitoring the Coronavirus carefully, and prior to the increase in cases, we began taking precautions, such as the use of 70% alcohol-based hand sanitiser, limiting physical contact (i.e., handshaking), sterilising toys, etc. We take our role in the community seriously and try to make every effort to ensure everyone involved are safe with regards to child care.   It is imperative that we begin to implement additional precautions for the safety of our community, staff, parents and children:   * 1.) If you are sick or have been exposed to the Coronavirus, please cancel your appointment by calling us at : +44 7802741920.   * 2.) Please avoid physical contact with our staff during the time of the appointment. We will greet you with a warm smile, but not a handshake at this time.   * 3.) Please wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds prior to our arrival for our scheduled appointment. With your permission, our staff will wash their hands as well. Please instruct them to do so, otherwise they will use the company-provided hand sanitiser.    
Please follow the link below for Coronavirus (COVID – 19) UK Govt. Guidelines

We thank you in advance for your patience during this most challenging and unprecedented time.